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Thu Mar 31 10:45:07 MST 2005

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> One of the reasons I unsubbed from leftist-trainspotters is that I got 
> sick and tired of trying to reply to the underlying, implicit arguments of 
> such postings by Pugliese when he himself couldn't muster a 3 or 4 
> sentence defense of his own ideas.

Then you missed the whole point of the list. The point is that while debates 
do develop, it is not a place for serious debate, like this list, but rather 
a complete unadulterated flow of information. Much higher noise to sound 
ratio than usual, but it doesn't lie about it.

As a matter of fact, a lot of the more innane debates, along with 
sectariana, in this list would be better put to use in 
Leftist_trainspotters, and some of the more serious stuff in 
leftist_trainspotters should actually happen on both. The rate of 
cross-membership to both is incredible because of this connection.

It is not a list mean for forming opinions, or even expressing them, but 
informing opinions, in particular obscure sectariana but with obviously 
secondary issues. Also, it has a much better international flavor than this 
list, which while I have read since the archives are public (what, 1998? 
1999? 2000? its all a blur...) I didnt subscribe until now. As a matter of 
fact I even generated a debate from without on fascism, which is probably 
the single biggest point of contrarianism I have with the left, even if I am 
generally contrarian and provocative.

As I said when defending Pugsy (Pugliese) on that list, the only outlet 
where Pugsy is useful is in spotters.In this list I do understand why he 
gets banned.

In other words, apples and oranges. Not one list is superior or inferior, 
they simply appeal to different levels of curiosity and knowledge thrist. 
Some preffer the structured, peer reviewed regiment of Academia, others 
prefer the free flow of the blogsphere. Some like me dig both and want to 
see a synthesis.


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