[Marxism] Re: Argentina and Brazil: Regaining Sovereignty

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Thu Mar 31 12:19:57 MST 2005

Macdonald wrote:

>Brazil and Argentina have one major plank they can do to regain sovereignty:
>Get the Hell out of Haiti, where Brazil currently *leads* the occupation.

I just posted a new entry about it: "Rumsfeld in Brasilia and Buenos 
Aires: MINUSTAH and Venezuela":
It got a nice picture of Brazilian leftists holding a sign that says 
"Fora as tropas brasileiras do Haiti."  But what will they do in the 
next elections?

Are there any Brazilian leftists here?  If so, what do they think of 
João Machado's "The (Weak) Arguments of the Governmentalist Left" (at 

[The Tariq Ali article "For one day only, I'm a Lib Dem" that Lou 
posted reminds us that Brazilian leftists' problem is a widely shared 

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