[Marxism] Lund, Sheppard and Miah call on workers to leave AFL-CIO

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Thu Mar 31 15:08:09 MST 2005

Political minorities DID get representation at times
in the olden days. The "Chinese" minority led by Arne
Swabeck was represented. The Milwaukee (Bolton) and
the Seattle (Fraser) minorities were represented and
one could name more. The State Capitalists were also
accorded membership (Albert Phillips, aka Fox), etc.

That being said, factionalism was of the order of the
day and we were trained in factionalism from the very
first moments. I still have my notebooks from which
my first classes in the SWP were taken, at the famous
Chicago summer schools of 1963. We studied not the 
basics of Marxism, but the basics of factionalism:
Struggle for a Proletarian Party, History of American
Trotskyism, In Defense of Marxism. All these are good
books in their way, but we were educatied in the spirit
of factionalism throughout the period.

Walter Lippmann
Joined YSA November 1962
Joined SWP September 1967
Expelled SWP 1983
Founded Socialist Action, 1983
 (attended one meeting, never returned)
Founder, Fourth Internationalist Tendency
 1983-ish to 1988
Unaffiliated since that time

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