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> I think the policies of the old IWW (which are the same as the current
> one, although the organization is moribund) are the right way to go.

Actually, the IWW *was* moribund.

As of late has been rebounding, with new locals, a technology workers 
section (Communications Workers IU560), and a dynamic leadership.

Plus they are the only union actually trying, and having moderate success, 
at organizing service and retail sector employees, which the AFL-CIO ignores 
simply because the ROI on fees for an organizing drive would be minimal even 
if salaries go up because of the union and the left ignores because they 
love Starbucks or Starclones cafes.

The IWW  is less worried about fees and more worried about workers rights, 
and gives exactly two shits if you think the latest barista doesn't mix your 
latte how you like it, sir.

Additionaly they are quite un-popular amond liberals, including labor 
liberals, for organizing non-profit workers in "progressive" organizations, 
which tend to super-exploit workers because of the ideological affinity they 
have with the organizations.

Rather than moribund, I would describe the IWW as the fastest growing union 
in the USA today.



The liberal's worse nigthmare this side of Bush:


I have the same love for the IWW you all seem to have for the Greens, and 
for analogous reasons:

They are not the AFL-CIO, and do something concrete.

I do have a long lithany of shibolets and stuff I disagree with the IWW, to 
begin with they are syndicalists, but they do what an union is supposed to 
do, which is figth for the workers, not some fat-assed bureaucrat with job 
security and "civil society" meetings in your local Hilton, to discuss 
"empowerment" while disemboweling the class.

Am not a IU560 member, but I will if I am ever a full-time entry level 
employee ever again. The Wobblies are still showing us Bolsheviks how to 
fight, 100 years later.


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