[Marxism] Comment by Stuart Munckton from GreenLeft list on Sheppard book

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Mar 30 21:33:58 MST 2005

I do look forward to reading the book either way, and it's encouraging
if my earlier understanding of what he was saying was mistaken....  

The movement is built by learning from out mistakes.  Contrary to most
of the list, which seems to see some inherent virtue in stubborn
consistence, I doubt many people on here have perfect records and if
we're not able to be critical about our own mistakes, how good are we
likely to be at criticizing those we know less well?  

I have plenty of criticisms about what the Internationalist Tendency did
in 1973-74.  That said, the IT constituted between 8-10% of the
organization and none of its leadership.  Absolutely nothing we did,
rightly or wrongly, had any impact whatsoever on internal norms or the
atmosphere of the discussion, excepting the rather hollow achievement of
getting two members (and two alternatives) on the YSA National

In the end, though, I certainly hold no grudge against Barry Sheppard or
anyone willing to reflect critically on our experience and willing to
cooperate in the kind of understanding we need to build a better

Mark L.

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