[Marxism] What Do Socialists Actually Read?

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Sun May 1 08:23:08 MDT 2005

>Dear Yoshie,
>I usually don't disagree with you, but I have to on this occasion. 
>Once again we see the innate elitism of the American academic left. 
>It may be that you are transposing your own interest in defining 
>what socialism is and isn't. In the final analysis the academic left 
>is part of the problem, not the solution.
>                                    Peace&Socialism, Rick Page

Take a look at this mailing list, for instance.  What sort of 
publications do you see people post and discuss?  Items most often 
posted here are articles from bourgeois newspapers (sometimes because 
they are useful, other times because they are objects of criticism). 
Then, broad left publications, publications that fall into C, D, E, 
F, G, and H that I mentioned, some of which are indeed academic. 
Rarely do I see people posting and discussing articles from socialist 
"newspapers," except to gossip about their publishers' changing 
political fortunes and lines, as in the recent thread about The 
Militant's turn to bilingual publishing (which masks the 
consolidation and diminution of the SWP's publications).  That's the 
reality that socialists should confront.

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