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Indeed, the moderator has found the critical point, and the critical
point of disagreement as it existed then and now.

Certainly the history of the anti-war movement in the 60s and 70s, its
practical dissipation in its inability to make the transition from a
"single issue" protest, to a project for class struggle, should be the
outstanding lesson.

Neither Iraq, nor Vietnam, existed as an isolated single issue, an
aberration in the system of capital, and while every protest focuses, in
its beginning, on a single issue, to grow, to exceed its beginning, it
must develop that single issue into an opportunity to challenge the
institutions of the system itself.

That was the single greatest strength of SDS, a strength learned from
participation in civil rights struggles, and the single greatest
weakness in the various mobilization against the war groups.

It, class struggle, is all about making the transitions, not just in
quantity but in quality; not just size, but in content.


On my way to Union Square...

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