[Marxism] Waiting for Upsurges (re: reply to Joaquin)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun May 1 13:18:16 MDT 2005

Yoshie wrote:
>As long as the anti-war movement is a single-issue movement, I don't think 
>that we will see more participation of workers of color, especially poorer 
>workers of color.  Problems that confront poorer workers of color are 
>multiple, not single.  Most of them are opposed to the Iraq war, but the 
>war alone doesn't get them to take part in mass actions that are still 
>largely announced through predominantly white channels.  For many, the 
>Iraq War may feel like the least of the problems.

I can easily imagine Blacks and Latinos organizing against the war, but I 
think this will come about through their own independent action just as was 
the case with the Chicano Moratorium in the 1970s. What is missing right 
now is a powerful Black or Latino voice like Martin Luther King Jr. which 
can relate to the oppressed community. Martin Luther King Jr. never 
advocated that the Vietnam antiwar movement become multi-issue. He was 
content to speak out against the war because it was an affront to Black and 
White Americans alike, not to speak of the Vietnamese. When he wasn't 
making himself available to the antiwar movement, he was leading a Poor 
Peoples Campaign. It is easy to understand why he was assassinated, looking 
back in retrospect. On the question of ultraleftism, I would not 
characterize the ISO as ultraleftist. They do, however, have erred in an 
ultraleft fashion on this one particular question. An ultraleft group would 
certainly not have gotten involved with the Nader campaign. 

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