[Marxism] Waiting for Upsurges (re: reply to Joaquin)

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I hate to be empirical, as Joaquin and Fred and Lou and not a few others
will verify, but damn, I just came back from Union Square rally and
march, and damn if the most class conscious, socialist, more than single
issue analyses weren't being pushed forward by black, and female,

Where and when in DC at the MWM I was near despair because at best
6-11,000 showed up, here in  U2 I was encouraged, elated at the 2000 if
that many who showed up, because I really didn't expect more, and
because Clarence Thomas, Brenda Stokely and others put it so plainly, so
clearly, so classically, so un-single-issuelly.

Damn if the most class specific actions and representations wasn't
manifested by workers of color, and female workers of color.

Now I think, and I've tried to demonstrate through certain concrete
analyses, that that, workers, particularly female workers of color, is
where the self-fracture of capital, the conflict between the means and
relations of production,  really takes on its living breathing
manifestation.  And if I'm write, if that, the female workers of color,
is the future of the revolutionary struggle, then this war, and the
actions against  this war, require their engagement, the linkage between
the trade in female flesh, the export of labor of color, and the
destruction of Iraq.  And if "we," leftist, Marxists, professors,
activisits, can't build or see that bridge, then the fault is ours and
nobody or nothing elses.


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> Lou, I wish you hadn't said "ultraleftist" in your criticism of the
> ISR piece.  Terms like that often end discussion prematurely.
> That said, while I believe that it is neither possible nor desirable
> to try to "inject more radical, anti-imperialist politics" into the
> anti-war movement (the metaphor of "injection" is a particularly
> unfortunate one, and I hope that the ISO will avoid it in the
> future),

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