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Sun May 1 18:45:10 MDT 2005

i just received word from Ra Ravishankar that the new issue of Ghadar is 
out. This is a journal put out by South Asian students in the USA. Ra asked 
me to write something on the Ward Churchill affair for this issue and you 
can read it at: 
http://ghadar.insaf.net/April2005/MainPages/persecution.htm. I put a fair 
amount of research into this article and a lot of my heart. Ghadar is a 
journal well worth your attention.



Announcing volume 8 of Ghadar, a publication of the forum of inquilabi 
leftists. As in the previous issue, we continue to analyse and publicise 
recent political events in the South Asian sphere.

In this issue, Chi-ming Yang chronicles the history of conservative and 
right wing campus politics. Louis Proyect focuses specifically on one 
academic unit in Hamilton College to trace how it capitulated to right-wing 
pressure in the days leading up to the furor over Ward Churchill's visit. 
Louis also critiques the capitulation of liberal groups to a growing 
right-wing attack. Madiha Tahir writes first-hand as a student of Joseph 
Massad and dissects the workings of the Zionist groups on the Columbia 
University campus. David Green concisely summarizes the Zionist 
infiltration of the academia, while Ali Mir and Ra Ravishankar demonstrate 
how acts of censorship on US university campuses have co-existed with (and 
perhaps even benefited from) increasing support for vitriolic hate politics.

In keeping with our agenda to forge connections with progressive desi 
political movements, we present a series of links to such movements; 
movements within and 'outside' academic campuses. Biju Mathew presents an 
insider's account of the multi-pronged campaign to mobilise against Modi's 
visit to the US, complete with an analysis of the many interest groups -- 
from all sides of the political spectrum -- that participated in the events 
as they unfolded. Raja Swamy compares the patriotic vitriol of those 
Indians who rose in anguish over the denial of Modi's visa to their lack of 
indignation over the systematic erosion of basic human rights for working 
classes in India. Kamayani Swami and Ryan Bodanyi report on the latest in 
the ongoing struggle for justice in Bhopal. "Where have the South Asians 
gone?", Sonia Saini asks, and calls for solidarity across ethnic groups 
amongst people of color. Finally, Joe Madre gives an update on the struggle 
against the racist mascot of the University of Illinois.

Our next issue will be out in June 2005, and will focus on issues of gender 
and sexuality, new and ongoing debates on marriage and class formation, and 
the politics of desi consumer chic in the age of globalisation.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Contact us at 
ghadarcollective at yahoo.com and help build the network! 

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