[Marxism] Waiting for Upsurges (re: reply to Joaquin)

Jon Flanders jonflanders at jflan.net
Sun May 1 19:53:37 MDT 2005

I just got back from the Union Square rally myself. And while Brenda,
Chris and Clarence Thomas made some very good speeches, I certainly
would rather have heard them make them to the 30,000 at the "other

I don't know what all has gone on in NYC to lead to the divisions that
exist. I am sure the Democratic party has something to do with it. This
is to be expected. But somehow the current split in the anti-war forces
needs to be dealt with. 

Jon Flanders

> There was/is simply now way UFPJ is going to allow the issues raised at
> U2 to be raised at "their" actions.  That's how you know it's a class
> struggle.
> rr

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