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> Okay Louis, I'll drop it. I wrote a bit much for a day, anyway. I got
> with the cooking, and slightly burnt the dinner I fancied having, so there
> you go. Timing is always important, mustn't be distracted.
> Youthful radicalism is often about challenging other people, rather than
> complementing them. When you are over forty, as I am, a lot of that gets
> boring, you're interested in different things (e.g. this issue of love,
> versus people just trying to extract things from you), but sometimes you
> feel like replying to it anyhow, because you sense, rightly or wrongly, a
> cogent thought emerging.
> I guess I moved on from the old Comintern mold of Marxism, for sixteen
> now, and that puts me at odds with many contributors who cherish the
> certainty with which that paradigm carved up the world conceptually and
> politically (by Comintern I mean the Communist International, not
> Monica-gate). I am getting interested in a whole set of new pursuits that
> promise to keep boredom, life's worst enemy, away from my door, but that's
> something for which Marxmail was not really designed. So I will lurk for a
> while, and write up some other stuff I promised to write up.
> Best,
> Jurriaan
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