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Mon May 2 08:58:47 MDT 2005

Below is a detailed summary of Fidel's speech. He's been giving
public talks almost every night now on this subject for three
weeks. He focuses on Posada Carriles and Bolton and it's now
having an impact. Amy Goodman reported on it during today's
Democracy NOW! program. The BBC's wretch-in-Havana, a whiner
named Steven Gibbs even managed to get it into his otherwise
completely hostile report of May Day and it appears as well
in today's MIAMI HERALD. Because Posada Carriles is wanted 
in Venezuela, the growing links between Venezuela and Cuba
are highlighted. Cuba is NOT asking that Posada be returned
to Cuba, rather that he be deported to Venezuela where he's
in fact facing charges, having escaped from prison there in
the years prior to the Chavez presidency.

Fidel reports that the US media is now on Posada's trail as
well. His speeches have been very detailed giving facts and
locations, hammering away at this so he's breaking through
the information blockade which has been imposed so long.

If the readers of Marxmail messages want to have an impact
now, one of the best things we can all do is put out the
name of LUIS POSADA CARRILES everywhere. Asking who he is
and where he is.

Fidel put it this way yesterday, and he said much more:

"The whole world knows that Luis Posada Carriles, the
cruelest, most famous terrorist in the western hemisphere,
as acknowledged by the most important media outlet in this
part of the world, has entered the United States and
requested asylum from the government of that country, whose
soldiers are dying every day and whose death toll have
risen to almost two thousand, in the name of a war against
terrorism that was unleashed after the events of September
11, 2001. 

"TV journalists in Miami are saying that the big networks in
the United States are on Posada's trail and some of them
are very close to finding out his whereabouts. One version
of events is that he is hiding out in an exclusive
neighborhood on the outskirts of Miami, in a very expensive
house valued at three million dollars. There he spends his
time reading, listening to the news and painting, like a
new Picasso; there in the lair of the Empire whose
political and cultural ideal, at least that of the present
administration, is to have painters with blood-stained
hands and with the barbaric notion: 'We put the bomb, so
what?', or in that infamous phrase used to describe the
case of the young Italian Fabio di Celmo: 'He was in the
wrong place at the wrong time'. It now seems that it is he,
as well as the US government or the President of this
administration, who are in the wrong place at the wrong
time. (Applause)

"You can see what 180,000 people working in the Department
of Homeland Security, those 22 bodies that cooperate and
participate in their anti-terrorism struggle and in the
protection of US internal security, have not been able to
accomplish; neither have the 15 intelligence agencies
working on a budget of billions of dollars; what these have
not been able to accomplish or discover, the US media will
succeed in accomplishing and discovering."

Here's an Irish activist's complaint to the BBC about their
reporter whose prejudices against Cuba are incredibly crude:




Havana. May 1, 2005

The US administration is involved in one of the most embarrassing and
delicate episodes of its terrorist adventures against Cuba
• The US government does not have the courage to arrest Luis Posada Carriles
• Cuba committing the sin of existing

Granma International staff writer

PRESIDENT Fidel Castro stated today before more than one million people in
the historical Plaza de la Revolución that some day the people of the United
States will unite with their Latin American brothers and sisters in the
struggle for justice, truth and for the survival of our species, which is
now at stake.

Addressing a vast crowd of men and women who listened to him in an
impressive silence, he spoke of the embarrassing situation facing the Bush
administration with the six-week presence in that country of the terrorist
Luis Posada Carriles. "The present US administration is involved in one of
the most embarrassing and delicate episodes of its terrorist adventures,
aggressions and lies against Cuba. The whole world knows that Luis Posada
Carriles, the most notorious and cruelest terrorist in the Western
hemisphere, as acknowledged by the US mainstream media, has entered the
United States and asked for asylum in that country, whose soldiers are dying
daily, and whose fatalities have already reached close to two million, in
the name of a war on terrorism unleashed in the wake of the events of
September 11, 2001," he affirmed.

After referring to various US press reports, according to which the major TV
channels are on the trail of Posada Carriles and some of them very close to
discovering his whereabouts, the Cuban president warned: "The US media are
going to wind up doing and discovering what the 180,000 persons working in
the Department of Homeland Security, the 22 agencies operating and
participating in combating terrorism and the US internal security services
have been unable to achieve."

Subsequently, reading out a letter from Republican Senator Norman Coleman
confirming that the Department of Homeland Security has received an asylum
application on behalf of Posada Carriles, he stated: "The US government,
under intense pressure from the very ravens it has created, has not had the
courage to use the only recourse that remains to it, that of immediately
arresting Posada Carriles in line with national and international law and
placing him at the disposition of the Venezuelan courts that should bring
him to trial."

Fidel recalled that Cuba has renounced the right to try the terrorist and
would accept to having him appear before a totally impartial international
court located wherever the parties agree, "Luis Posada Carriles isn’t really
an important character in himself, the important aspect of that character is
that he is revealing to the world the incredible hypocrisy, the lies,
immoral acts and the cynicism that the empire is using to subjugate the


"Standing up to the most powerful empire ever to have existed in the history
of humanity, bent upon destroying our identity as an independent nation in
the past and then an inescapable revolution, here we are in this glorious
plaza against where its most perfidious calumnies and its grossest crimes
have been exploded. At a distance of 90 miles from that power, Cuba is
committing and – as nobody should be in any doubt of that – the sin of
existing," the Cuban leader observed.

In another part of his address, after underlining the failure of different
US administrations in their aggressions and attempts to economically
asphyxiate the island, he emphasized that despite the numerous obstacles
imposed, Cuba is growing stronger, extending its economic and international
relations, while even trade in US agricultural produce is on the rise. "Here
we are, stronger than ever, more united than ever, more decided than ever to
take forward the exceptional labor of creating a more just, more solidary,
more humane and more prosperous society, like a promised land that is
already visible and within the reach of our hands."

The Cuban president also referred to the recent State Department publication
of the list of states qualified as terrorist, which includes Cuba. "It is
perversely and viciously affirming that Cuba has continued to actively
oppose the US-led coalition that has decided to wage war against
international terrorism." Fidel went on to ask why Cuba should follow the
leadership of a gangster-like and genocidal government.

He spoke of recent reports from the US Center Against Terrorism reflecting
the fact that acts of terrorism in 2004 were triple those of 2003; 651 as
opposed to 175. He went on to note that when the US government launched the
unjustified invasion of Iraq it consciously wielded a lie, when in reality,
what it was after was oil, thus making that war a gross war of conquest. 
And he asked what credibility could be afforded to "the shameless anti-Cuba
scarecrows elaborated by the State Department which, in addition, has
committed the error of putting in first place the country that inspires the
least fear and which moreover, can unmask its despicable lies."

Finally, in reference to the speakers who preceded him, the Cuban leader
thanked "our brothers and sisters from the North, Center and South (of
America)." They were: Atilio Borón of Argentina; Giustino Di Celmo, father
of the Italian tourist killed by a terrorist attack on Havana’s Copacabana
Hotel; Robert Marsh from the U.S., a relative of one of the victims of the
September 11 attack on the Twin Towers; Marcela Escribiano, a
Chilean-Canadian; Shafik Handal, the historical leader of the Salvadoran
FMLN; Daniel Ortega, former Nicaraguan president and general secretary of
the FSLN; and Nicolás Maduro, president of the Venezuelan National Assembly.

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