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  Latest Release: Monday, May 2, 2005

Summer Fund Drive

The Editors

Dear /Left Hook/ readers,

This May marks our 18th month of online publication, and the beginning 
of our third semi-annual fund drive. As a radical, independent journal 
produced by and aimed at American youth, we have always strived to not 
only expose the injustices perpetrated by the Right, but also to 
highlight, encourage, and develop the efforts of young leftists who are 
trying to turn the tide in favor of a more humane world.

In recent months, we at /Left Hook /have stepped up our efforts. We 
provided a continuous stream of analysis unveiling the agenda of wealthy 
pro-Israel front groups conducting a witch-hunt against Arab professors 
at Columbia University. We also helped mobilize students for the 
important March 19th anti-war demonstrations in collaboration with 
others, and offered sober critiques in its aftermath. 
Counter-recruitment activism across college campuses, crucial both 
politically and symbolically, has been frequently covered here as well.

These are just three examples taken from a general overall trend – 
namely, an increase in our updates and more varied content in the broad 
range of areas we cover – domestic and foreign politics, activist ground 
reports, interviews, cultural pieces, theory, and historical analysis. 
These efforts have, in turn, also increased our readership. In April of 
2004, we received 275 visitors per day, totaling 8, 258 visits for the 
month. This April, we received our highest sustained number of visitors 
for any month so far: 880 per day, for a total of 26,432 visits. Numbers 
of subscribers to our youth discussion list and general information list 
are also at all-time highs.

Hopefully, you too have taken note of the improving quality and 
diversity of our content. If you have enjoyed our journal and appreciate 
its efforts, please show your support 
<http://www.lefthook.org/Donations.html> by making a financial 
contribution. For this Summer Fund Drive, we are setting the goal of 
$3,500. All in all, it’s a pretty modest sum compared to the 
$127,000,000 the pro-war Democrats solicited last year in under-$200 
individual donations. We want to launch a number of essay contests for 
youth, purchase recording equipment for more interviews with anti-war 
GIs and other activists, acquire more web-space to make way for audio 
content, and make it possible to produce more and better material to our 
growing audience.

/Left Hook/ strives to raise and deepen the political consciousness of 
American youth so that we may salvage our future from the devastating 
effects of capitalism at home and imperialism abroad. But we have none 
of the outside backing, prestigious grants, or institutional funding 
bestowed upon those who are paid to carry out and justify this 
devastation. Ultimately, it is you, our readers, who will determine 
whether or not this project stays alive and grows during these 
politically vital times. Without your support, we cannot succeed.

So please make a donation <http://www.lefthook.org/Donations.html> today.

Derek Seidman and M. Junaid Alam

Anti-Semitism or Ultra-Semitism? : The Politics of Smears and 

M. Junaid Alam

For decades, Israel has tried to seal shut the coffin it long ago 
prepared for the Palestinians by hammering away at the nails of 
political, economic, and military violence. This method has never 
sufficed. Too crude, too callous, and too obvious, it fails utterly in 
snuffing out the flame of Palestinian defiance and succeeds only in 
setting off the spark of international indignation. Therefore, Israel’s 
apologists have seized upon a new asset of intellectual violence: the 
“new anti-Semitism” canard. This is the cheap and shoddy hearse the 
Palestinian native is to be tossed into and rushed to his grave while we 
Americans remain silent.

Who among us, after all, wishes to be branded with the dreaded label of 
“anti-Semite”? Even when equipped with the understanding that this 
accusation is simply an ugly smear, few activists and thinkers are 
prepared to counter it very effectively, often resorting to 
protestations that they are not, in fact, anti-Semites. It is possible, 
however, to address this accusation in a way that throws the spotlight 
on the racist mindset of Israel’s supporters and exposes them as 
hopelessly self-absorbed.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Politics/Alam050205.html>

Students, Community Confront Military Recruiting Lies in Denver

Jon and Sam Christiansen

Coming on the heels of reports of military recruiters in Denver 
encouraging a youth to forge a high school diploma and falsely pass a 
drug test, Students for Social Justice (SSJ) held a counter military 
recruitment demonstration in Colorado Springs at the Citadel Armed 
Forces Recruitment Center. The demonstration was billed “1500 Lies” to 
reflect the number of American military personnel who have lost their 
lives in the war in Iraq and the fact that not only was the war based on 
lies from the Bush administration, but many of the troops fighting in it 
were lied to by their military recruiters in order to enlist them.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Ground/Christiansen050205.html>

Is There A New Blacklist? A Speech on Columbia University Debacle

Monique Dols

Some of you may have heard about the intense crackdown that’s been 
happening at Columbia University recently. But if you haven’t, I am 
going to give you a little bit of background.

Last semester there was a film that was produced by a number of pro 
Israel students on campus with the support of an outside, pro Israel 
group called the David Project. This film brought together a number of 
accusations from students who claimed that they were intimidated in the 
classroom by a number of Middle Eastern Professors. They made this film, 
they called it a documentary, these screened it with upper level 
administrators, and with press. And what the film really amounted to was 
a series of unsubstantiated allegations mixed up with stories of 
anti-Semitism that was picked up by media and in particular by the right 
wing media and created a firestorm of debate around the Middle Eastern 
Studies department at Columbia.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Ground/Dols050205.html>

Onward Christian Soldier

Jason Miller

There is a movement in America called the Religious Right. Make no 
mistake about it. They will deny it. They will tell you they are not 
"monolithic". According to them, there is no grand design or scheme to 
rise to power in America. While it is true that there are many different 
heads to this Hydra called the Religious Right, ultimately, they are 
working simultaneously, and with great fervor, to achieve several common 
objectives. They will not rest until America declares their "brand of 
Christianity" the national religion. Their appetite for the suppression 
of gay rights is insatiable. In their paradigm, humanity has evolved 
beyond the need for fallacious theories like Evolution, and it must be 
challenged in public schools. School prayer must return, and abortion 
must go, before these Christian soldiers will lay down their arms.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Culture/Miller050205.html>

Getting Out of Iraq Will Be Tougher than Getting Out of Vietnam

Kevin Zeese

Daniel Ellsberg, of Pentagon Papers Fame, gave the worst news of the day 
to those examining lessons from Vietnam thirty years after the end of 
the war – we're going to be in Iraq a long time. It will be tougher to 
get out of Iraq, than it was to get out of Vietnam. Why? The major 
difference between Vietnam and Iraq is Iraq has oil, Vietnam doesn't and 
we need oil.

It is much easier to start a war than it is to end one.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/History/Zeese050205.html>

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