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NG> Argentina follows the "ius solis", that is the "right of the
NG> birthplace", not the arcaic "ius sanguinis", that is the "right of
NG> the bloodline". Anyone born on Argentinean land is Argentinean by
NG> our law.

   Is this practically and officialy applied to people living on the  
Malvinas islands, or just your (and your comrades) postulate?

   I.e., could someone born in Stanley or Goose Bay move to, say,  
Rosario or Ushuaia, and live there as a regular Argentinian citizien  
with all rights and duties?

   Has this ever happened? After the Malvinas war?

   BTW, why and where this appellation "kelpers"? Is that really the  
main occupation of the people there, gathering and processing kelp?

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