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>   BTW, why and where this appellation "kelpers"? Is that really the
>main occupation of the people there, gathering and processing kelp?

1663, from M.E. culpe (1387), of unknown origin. Kelper "native or 
inhabitant of the Falkland Islands" is attested from 1960.


Althought I feel the explanation is surprisingly lack for an etymological 

Here is the goods:

A small fishing boat lacking much of the gear found on larger troll boats. 
It can be towed by a trailer and usually fishes in areas that are rocky, 
close to shore, kelp ridden, and have strong currents.


So "kelper" is the name of a boat used for shore fishing in areas similar to 
the Malvinas. The name comes, most probably, from this boat and not from 
gathering and processing kelp, although calcified seaweed is an industry.

As to what they fish, squid accounts for 75% of their total intake, but the 
bulk of their industrial fishing revenue is from licensing.

(eat me)


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