[Marxism] Re: The citizenship of kelpers

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Tue May 3 04:48:51 MDT 2005

	The Falkland Islands is basically an old whaling station,
where sheep raising is the main occupation. The people who live
there generally retire to New Zealand, I believe. There is no
enduring, native population, which is not surprising.

As it says on their official website www.falklandislands.com
where you can take an exciting interactive tour of Port Stanley:
	The majority of the 2,379 people that live in the
Falkland Islands (excluding an estimated 112 residents
temporarily absent and 534 civilians based at Mount Pleasant
military base) are of British descent. 1,989 live in the capital,
Stanley, and the remainder live in settlements or on family farms
around the islands. English is spoken on the Falkland Islands.

	The economy of the Falkland Islands was traditionally
based on revenue from sheep ranching. However, with the creation
of a conservation and management zone around the islands in 1986,
income from a major offshore fishery has become the driver of
economic growth. The Islands are now economically self-sufficient
and investment in new facilities and services has brought about
major improvements in the standard of living.

	I recall a friend who worked building the airport after
the war there. They were driven into Port Stanley in a bus.
Before he let them off the driver said "The first thing you are
going to want to do when I let you off is get back on this bus.
But you can't because I have to do the school run now." It is
cold and almost always very windy there.

In other words it's a 'right shit hole' as we Brits say.

It certainly was not worth dying for.


Lueko Willms:
>    Is this practically and officialy applied to people living
on the  
> Malvinas islands, or just your (and your comrades) postulate?> 
>    I.e., could someone born in Stanley or Goose Bay move to,
> Rosario or Ushuaia, and live there as a regular Argentinian
> with all rights and duties?
>    Has this ever happened? After the Malvinas war?
>    BTW, why and where this appellation "kelpers"? Is that
really the  
> main occupation of the people there, gathering and processing

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