[Marxism] on W32.Sober.O virus and marxmail

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue May 3 10:28:49 MDT 2005

someone write me offlist this morning about a virus they received via email.

what __looked__ disconcerting was that the virus connected the marxmail 
list server with the recipient (XXX) of the virus.

here is the virus info:


the likely explanation for the connection is that someone on this list 
has the virus, and has the email address of XXX in their address book. 
the virus creates a random domain to spoof, and knows the infected 
computer has either received email from our list server, or knows the 
computer has visited the lists server web page. in either case, once it 
chooses that domain, it can make it look like the virus is specifically 
attacking users of marxmail. but it fact its just a random occurence of 
the list server domain paired with XXX's email address.

In other words, nothing to worry about.

les schaffer

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