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Well, I didn't, like Frida, one bit.  Really.  Since the film tries to be a synthesis of commerce and art,
take Salma out of it and try selling it.  No way.  Not even as an "art film."  Not even to the cult 
of Kahloists.  Bad acting, bad script.  

And Trotsky a "more literary Stalin"?  Seems to me Clancy may have read some Trotsky but 
has understood very little of what he read, and even less of the historical forces at work
in and on the Russian Revolution.  Maybe now that he's not a boy he should give it another read.

He says re Trotsky-- "What authoritarianism"  which is exactly my question to him "What 

It's a bad movie, using pity and pathos even as Kahlo herself rejects them.


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I got another email from Clancy this morning:

 >>Louis, I have read more Trotsky than is good enough for a growing 
boy.  Enough to tell me that if he'd come to power he would have been a 
more literary Stalin.  What authoritarianism!   A much less attractive 
character in person than most Trotskyists I've known.  Too bad you didn't 
like Frida.  We did.  all best, Clancy<<

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