[Marxism] Re: frida

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue May 3 17:07:38 MDT 2005

Clancy Sigal wrote:
>Louis, thanks for forwarding Gould the bookseller's gentle comment on 
>Frida.  He got it exactly.   A pleasure.  Ask him if he has a photograph 
>of the Rivera mural he put up, I'd love to see it.  Introduction to 
>Hollywood Reality 101: it took l4 years to get Frida from an idea ot the 
>screen.  I'm not dealing with the executive board of SWP but hard case 
>producers who invest $.  The original director we worked with  was a 
>leftwing Mexican but over time the "capitalist pigs", as my wife calls 
>them, watered stuff down.  The picture could not have been made without 
>the star and the star fired the director who brought her onto the 
>project.  Get it?  Don't lift your nose at Hollywood gossip, it's where 
>reality begins.  I stand by the Trotsky character; wasn't played very 
>well; but what do you think he was doing wit h Frida, discussing l8th 
>Brumaire?  all best,
>ps you guys Aussies?

Clancy, I am happy that you didn't hold my review of "Frida" against me. I 
was not bullshitting you when I said that "Going Away" was the greatest 
novel about the 1950s--period. I am working my way through James Atlas's 
biography of Saul Bellow for an article on his life and work. Nothing he 
wrote, including "Augie March", could hold a candle to your novel. The 
thing I like about you, whatever disagreement we have over "Frida", is that 
you never sold out. These leftists around Partisan Review who became 
neoconservatives are a disgrace. Bob Gould is Australian, but our listserv 
subscribers come from all over the world, including Brazil, South Africa, 
Russia, India and other far-flung places. We have 730 subscribers now and 
our "latest 100 messages" archives gets about 140,000 hits a month. I 
invite you to check in on them at: http://www.columbia.edu/~lnp3/maillist.html 

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