[Marxism] Early history of the YSA

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Tue May 3 20:24:02 MDT 2005

Ozleft writes: "This pamphlet on the early history of the YSA was published
in July
1973 by the Workers League... The pamphlet is marked by the extravagantly
sectarian rhetoric used by the Healy organisations of that time, which reads
pretty strangely in the year 2005. Nevertheless, ... this account of the
foundation of the Young Socialist Alliance is of considerable interest."

Well, I tried.

I really, REALLY tried.

I made it through the class analysis of Shane Mage's piano studies. 

But when I got the part about the differences over whether to start the
Young Socialist as a four page tabloid or a magazine, and how the guy in
Chicago or something who wanted the magazine showed thereby his
capitulationist petty-bourgeois centrist tendencies, as comrade Wohlforth
correctly noted at the time, it was just more than I could get through

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.


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