[Marxism] CBC Radio's three-part broadcast on C.L.R. James

Tony Tracy tony at tao.ca
Tue May 3 21:45:57 MDT 2005

For comrades who were unable to catch the broadcast this evening of the  
(quite interesting) first part of CBC Radio's three-part feature on  
C.L.R. James, from their "Ideas" show, I've recorded it & converted it  
from Microsoft's awful proprietary "windows media" (.wma) format to  
standard .mp3 -- it's now available on my web space at:


It's about an hour, and 27.83MB in file size.

I'll endeavor to record the following two broadcasts in this C.L.R.  
James series (evenings of May 10th & May 17th) and will post them up at  

- Tony

(see below for a bit of information on the show...)


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Novelist, historian, Marxist thinker and pre-eminent figure of the 
African and Caribbean nationalist movements, C.L.R. James was one of 
the great minds of the twentieth century. David Austin profiles the man 
who wrote The Black Jacobins, the classic history of the only 
successful slave revolt in history: the Haitian Revolution, which 
presaged, and influenced the African liberation movements. Part one of 
a three. Part two continues May 10th.

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