[Marxism] Political censorship via spam filtering

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Wed May 4 05:51:59 MDT 2005

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From: "glparramatta" <glparramatta at greenleft.org.au>

>  Political censorship via spam filtering

Interesting article, but to close to conspiracy theory to be convincing. For 
example, there is no "US administration" back spam black list, there are 
several competing blacklists all from non-governmental sources.

Furthermore, he indicates that all of these messages come from mailing 
lists. As a general rule, messages sent to multiple recipients or mailing 
lists automatically score higher in Spam scores, and from there it just 
requires a little typo here and there and voila, there is a "suspected 

Judging from what the article describes, his is a case not of censorship, 
but of an overzealous spam blocker that considers all multi-recipient and 
mail-list messages not in the address book as potential spam.

I have always, as a technologist, thought content blockers and spam filters 
had political potential, and are indeed in such use world-wide, but except 
for a few countries (Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, China etc) this are 
organizational bans, not State bans.


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