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Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Wed May 4 06:02:58 MDT 2005

Carlos wrote:

> Actually, the issue in economics was of pacing, not direction. The Workers
> Opposition and then the LO were the first to insist on forced 
> collectivisation, not Stalin, but Trotsky and others.

I do not know about the Workers Opposition, but I think it is a gross
misinterpretation to say the LO insisted "on forced collectivisation".

Stress is here on "forced". It is certainly true that the LO advocated an
intensified class struggle on the country side, but never the methods Stalin
applied after 1928.

>  In places lacking such mass political proletarianism, such as Ethiopia,
> he 
> was very much the popular frontist.

Likewise here you have to distort Trotksy's position to come to such a
conclusion. I do not think Trotsky wrote much about Ethiopia beside in the
context of the Italian attack.
In the case of an attack by a imperialist power on a dependant country
Trotsky was in favour of _military_ support for the attacked country, no
matter how backward the social structure or reactionary it government was.
This does not mean to give _political_ support to a feudal or bourgeois
regime e.g. by joining a government.   

Carlos, if you think otherwise give us the relevant quotes by Trotsky or the


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