[Marxism] Re: From Marxmail home (Clancy Sigal and Frida)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Wed May 4 06:57:26 MDT 2005


> Johannes:
> > In the case of an attack by a imperialist power on a dependant country
> > Trotsky was in favour of _military_ support for the attacked country, no
> > matter how backward the social structure or reactionary it government
> was.
> Finland? Oh, wait, he didn't define the SU as imperialist... my bad.

My argument above was related to Ethiopia vs. Italy, not SU vs. Finland.

> > This does not mean to give _political_ support to a feudal or bourgeois
> > regime e.g. by joining a government.
> Come on! Not explicitly advocated, but how can you give military support 
> without joining the government???

There are many ways to act independantly, e.g. form your own military units,
not obstructing military supplies etc. Giving military support does not mean
you say the government as a progressive nature.

What is at stake here is the political independence of the working class vs.
its subordination under the bourgeois forces and its state. In my eyes the
concept of PF means the latter.


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