[Marxism] Political censorship via spam filtering

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed May 4 09:10:32 MDT 2005

Carlos A. Rivera wrote:

> Furthermore, he indicates that all of these messages come from mailing 
> lists. As a general rule, messages sent to multiple recipients or 
> mailing lists automatically score higher in Spam scores, and from 
> there it just requires a little typo here and there and voila, there 
> is a "suspected spam".

i have yet to see a case brought to my attention that turned out to be 
anything other than garden variety mishandling by an AOL or other ISP.

spam/junk filters come in several varieties. Thunderbird, for example, 
uses some seed values for Subject header and then learns as it goes by 
what you select and deselect as junk. trained properly, thunderbird does 
pretty good.


there is also a probabilistic component to spam filtering, google 
"bayesian email filtering"


and there are many debates on the geek web sites on how to most 
effectively filter. if you follow these debates you will be fairly 
convinced it's the technology and not the gummint that is blocking emails.

eavesdropping on emails, without the sender or receiver knowing about 
it? now there's a different story.

i re-iterate an offer made a couple weeks ago: if any of you yahoo.com 
or aol.com subscribers want a gmail account, we have enough to spread 
around to 100 or so people. write me offlist. but be advised: google 
doth scan all emails to do its little advertising thingy.

les schaffer

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