[Marxism] Re: From Marxmail home (Clancy Sigal and Frida)

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Wed May 4 09:29:30 MDT 2005

Ad hominem?  Not hardly.  It's just that you, Carlos, have such a pathological antipathy
to historical accuracy; chronic aversion to supplying supporting documentation or data 
for your distortions of fact and misinterpretations of events, that it's become tedious,
and pointless, in my opinion to engage in these arguments with you.

Historical fact:  Prior to the Soviet Union forced collectivization/industrialization policies,
Stalin and his faction were allied and generally supportive of Bukharin's "socialism at 
a snail's pace" argument, and against the managed expropriation of the countryside to
support industialization that the Trotsky LO advocated.  Much of this debate took place
along the lines of "theoretical," "economic" considerations centered around the publication
of Preobrazhenskii's <New Economics>.  That was a debate about direction, not pace.

In criticisms of Stalin's turnaround and movement toward rapid industrialization, Trotsky 
asserted the issue of pace was due to the mis-direction previously taken by the Soviet 

As for popular fronts....Trotsky never supported a popular front.  His military defense of
a colonized country vs. the colonizer required, and centered upon, independent working
class actions-- embargoing cargo, strikes... and such a military defense position was
critical to Trotsky's attempts to form the "proletarian military policy..."

But these are just facts, and certainly not as important as your need to present your
misinterpretation as real insight.


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