[Marxism] Targeted Columbia Profs Blast The Nation

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Wed May 4 12:31:46 MDT 2005

Doesn't appear to be online but Dabashi and Massad and Edward Said's 
wife blasted Sherman's piece on Columbia that appeared in The Nation a 
few weeks ago. Dabashi in particular was pissed and said he would 
neither "forget nor forgive" The Nation. Sherman was unrepentant. The 
main gripe was Sherman's characterization of Massad as "dogmatic" and 
essentially as an extremist of sorts. I  remember reading that 
characterization and thinking if it was any other subject the person in 
question would be lauded for being brave and confident and sticking to 
his guns. But The Nation being The Nation, what can you really expect? 
Long live liberal Zionism!

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