[Marxism] the academic-industrial complex

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed May 4 12:45:07 MDT 2005

It should be noted that the AAUP itself is one of the author's of these
problems....  I remember a few years back when 20-30 years of a
deepening crisis in adjunct labor finally got so bad that it started
effecting the "newly minted" PhDs from Stanford, Columbia, Yale,
Harvard, etc.   Lo and behold!  The professional historians'
organizations deigned at last to notice it.  And orchestrating deafening
cheers for their far-sighted realization of the blood goddamned

Same thing on this issue....

I'm in one of the strongest AAUP chapters in the state, and it regularly
decides that one issue or another isn't in their jurisdiction.  It's
only for tenured professors, so they let management get away with
anything that doesn't affect the those in tenure lines.  Not being
nearly so blockheaded, the management then replace retiring tenured
people with academic braseros.  The AAUP concludes that, since it
doesn't affect their constitutiency, it ain't their problem--and that
that loud-mouthed long-haired relic of the 1960s who keeps goading us
with the issue really is an unprofessional and uncollegial character.  

Mark L.

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