[Marxism] Political censorship via spam filtering

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed May 4 15:30:41 MDT 2005

Einde O'Callaghan wrote:

> I think it's necessary to read the whole article before passing 
> judgement since it's based on discussions with senior managers of his 
> ISP. I've hterefore taken the liberty of including it below

einde: would you like to take over the chores of technical moderator 
here at marxmail? you seem to have a better understanding of these 
matters than i do, and i would hate to see anyone here censored based on 
a mistake i have make in judgement.

because honestly, i do not know what the fuck you or machover are 
refering to. if you have some -- any -- evidence that is worthy of our 
time, please put it out here for review.

do you have anything to add to the discussion?

les schaffer

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