[Marxism] Jim Craven on Chinese protest against Japanese "revisionism"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 4 15:38:30 MDT 2005

At 10 am this morning, about 500 to 700 people, mostly of Chinese descent 
met at the Chinese cultural center in Vancouver, BC to march to the 
Japanese consulate to protest cover-ups and revisionism in Japanese 
textbooks, to demand that Japan not be seated as a permanent member of the 
UN Security Council, reparations for so-called "Comfort Women" and allied 
POWs and several other demands.

In anticipation of this demonstration, the Japanese consulate officials 
told Japanese citizens and those of Japanese descent to stay off the 
streets and claimed it had warnings of intended violence at the 
demonstration. The demonstration was entirely peaceful.

I was interviewed by Chinese ethnic press and was asked why I was at this 
demonstration. I pointed out that as a Blackfoot, I know very well about 
historical revisionism in textbooks and throughout culture in general as 
well as about genocide. I also pointed out that the US and Canadian 
textbooks are as full of lies as the Japanese ones and that one of the lies 
by censorship has to do with the fact that the principal Japanese War 
Criminals of Unit 731 and the like were all sheltered from prosecution by 
the US Government and placed on CIA payroll and in high positions in the 
Japanese government in return for turning over the results of their 
barbaric "research."; the same was done with German nazi war criminals.

Those attending were of varying political persuasions including leaflets 
from "The Spartacus League" in Chinese language. Also attending were some 
NDP hacks jumping in on the issues superficially while soliciting votes as 
elections in BC are near.

Jim Craven

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