[Marxism] Stalin vs Trotsky

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Wed May 4 16:11:29 MDT 2005

Yes, a Comrade (I must add one who does disagree with me, thanks warmly!) 
pointed this out to me. Been fixed.



for Louis' benefit:

I said in the first reply to RRs uncalled for attack:

"Actually, I think the "debate" was just a little out of the actual list
rules." -sks

I humbly submit my self-criticism. Please disregard my reply to RR, as it 
was written and sent before I read your ban.

Yet Louis, once again the debate was sparked by something you said, namely 
the criticism of calling Trotsky "a more literate Stalin". Granted, the guy 
meant it from some sort of misguided "anti-authoritarianism", but you most 
expect that your defense of Trotsky was bound to be polemical, in particular 
for those of us who come from traditions in which those views are somewhat 
orthodox, such as mine.

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