[Marxism] Crusades

Joseph Callahan joeandcaroline at msn.com
Wed May 4 21:41:35 MDT 2005

   Friday the Hollywood film, "Kingdom of Heaven" opens up.  This film glorifies
the Crusades, or more specifically the 3rd Crusade I believe, which was led by British King Richard "the Lion-hearted" among others.  I know that the local forces led by Saladin were triumphant.
  People in the Middle East sometimes use the Crusades as an analogy for the current occupation of Iraq.  I don't think it is accidental that Hollywood came up with the Crusades as a subject at this time.  So this pisses me off.  The film is directed by Ridley Scott who made Gladiator and Black Hawk Down.
    Can anyone recommend a good objective (that is pro-Middle East rather than pro-European) account of the Crusades?

Joe Callahan

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