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Petar petars at hit.co.za
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Hmmm aint so around here(south Africa). Poked around for Miller on the 
web, I found this comic by Mark Millar Superman: Red son.

Basically Superman was brought up on a commune in ukrain instead of 

Here is the link:

Carlos since you seem to know a bit about comics, do you know of any 
left leaning computer games.

Carlos A. Rivera wrote:

> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Petar" <petars at hit.co.za>
>> I am getting it as well, this dose illustrate a point tho. There are 
>> no comics/cartoons to counter USA main stream dribble(that I know of 
>> at least).
> ???
> Even Frank Miller, famous for re-inventing Batman and the 
> now-ever-so-trendy Sin City (ie THE top US comic producer), created 
> the incredibly poignant-yet-comic-enough "Give Me Liberty" and "Martha 
> Washington Goes to War", both about all that is wrong in the USA, and 
> the Second Civil War it leads to (the third mini-series, "Martha 
> Washington Saves the World" is not as good, but keeps the politics.)
> In short, Martha Washington (which was the name of George's wife) is 
> an Afro-American woman who is born in the mid-90s in Cabrini 
> Greene-Chicago, considered even today the most crime-ridden housing 
> project (estate) in the USA.
> As she grows up she joins the US Army, first when a 
> left-Democrat/Green gets elected, sends the Army to fight off 
> hamburger companies who want to burn down the amazon, and then as the 
> evil forces regain control of the empire, after the banning of meat as 
> punishment to the thinly disguised McClone called "Fat Boy Burger", 
> she keeps on the armed forces and fights in the civil war that 
> desintegrates the USA, and creates a bunch of feuding states, 
> including the Feminazi First Sex Confederacy, the Gay Nazis, Fat Boy 
> Burger Army, and PAX, the remaining federal government.
> As the story progresses, Martha is faced with the reality she is 
> figthing for the wrong side. Only a chance meeting with the "Ghosts", 
> an eco-socialist (yes, they get called that in the book!!!) 
> underground of invicibility suit-wearing revolutionaries, who have a 
> socialist utopia hidded from view in the middle of the nuclear 
> wasteland that was Oklahoma City (it sent chills up my spine when OK 
> bombing happened as it was shortly after this book was released). In 
> this socialist utopia, people solve greivances by hitting each other 
> with special weapons and armor that allow them to vent anger without 
> hurting each other, share equaly in responsability, there is no gender 
> oppression, have alliances with the native american tribes, and kick 
> the asses of the bad guys with the best and biggest weapons, including 
> the cool cloaking divices...
> Yes I know its fantasy, but the "Eco-Socialism" is not a vague 
> reference, but a complete worked out plot point in the thing. It is as 
> if Miller were saying "Socialism or Barbarism". Powerful for 14 year 
> olds.
> And this is but one example. Comics have been one of the few spaces in 
> which leftists ideas have had unabashed presence in the mainstream 
> USA. Long before TV shows had it, mainstream comics had openly gay 
> superheroes, black superheroes, etc etc etc.
> As to cartoons, the single most mainstream acceptable radical 
> productions are the incredibly subversive cartoons produced, which are 
> two numerous to name. Among my faves I count Bizaro and Tommy 
> Tommorow, yet most newspapers carry usually left-leaning cartoons, 
> which had led to an increasing number of right-leaning cartoons to 
> combat the Cartoon Liberal Conspiracy or whatever the right call it...
> sks
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