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Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Thu May 5 06:08:05 MDT 2005

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> Basically Superman was brought up on a commune in ukrain instead of 
> Smallville.

This a classic... but it is much less ironic than other similar efforts...

There is also another comic, can't remember the name, in which Stalin is a 
superhero kickin Hitler's villian ass.

> Carlos since you seem to know a bit about comics, do you know of any left 
> leaning computer games.

Why does this list at times feels like leftist_trainspotters??? hehehe

(both things have been discussed at length there).

While there is an abundace of left-theme or leftist comics, computer games 
are sorely lacking.

The only commercial effort that copies, with some irony but some respect, 
leftist politcs is "Red Faction", about an uprising in a Martian colony.

The rest of the depictions tend to be comical or evil, as in the case of the 
alternate reality story line in Command & Conquer: Red Dawn.

Now, there are plenty of wargame that let you play the soviet side, mostly 
some sort of strategy games. My favorite is Steel Panthers: World at War, 
which is a huge hex-based unit-level FREEWARE game.

Not only can you play pretty realistic (weapons and Order of Battle-wise) 
Soviets/Yugoslavs etc, including Tachanki and Partisans, but the Spanish 
Civil war scenarios are great, including a speculative one, and one in which 
there are even Puerto Rican units (which is about the only place, including 
many history books, in which the small but existing Puerto Rican units, 
attached to the Cuban and USonian units, are acknowledged).

If you see them as left, there is an old simulator about running Polish 
Solidarity, complete with creating a national network etc. requires old 
computers to run tho.


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