[Marxism] Walmart and Costco

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Thu May 5 07:47:20 MDT 2005

Lots of interesting issues brought up here.  Some clarification, I hope,

re "new way of doing business":    American Apparel is currently
involved in anti-union efforts to prevent organization of its employees.

re "US capital becoming more like European capital":  Whatever the
wishes of the NYT, FT, etc.  just the opposite is the reality, European
capital attempting to become more like US Reagan/Bush  or UK
Thatcher/Major/Blair capital-- extending the work week, privatizing
utilities and "social" production, tax breaks for corporations, and not
last, not least-- reorganizing wage, labor, production standards along
the line of maquilladoras, creating the "in-sourced" maquilladoras in
the countries of central and eastern Europe.

re Compensation and profits:  Not just a factor of hourly rates, or
hourly rates and benefits, in retail, wholesale or manufacturing, but
the "wage share" of the costs of production, the "cost share" of total
revenues, which includes real estate, credit lines, etc.

(aside re "deformation of US capital by oil industry":  speaking of
compensation not reducing profits, oil industry is the proof-- highly
compensate work force animating massively valued technical apparatus
yielding a product where the cost of production, unadjusted for
inflation is still less than $4 a barrel)


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