[Marxism] Are religious resistance groups in Iraq fascist?

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Are  religious resistance groups in Iraq fascist?

At this stage in the history of Iraq, the makeup of the resistance or  its 
configuration is immaterial. What matters, the ONLY thing that matters, is  that 
there is resistance. When the Nazis occupied Europe during the Second World  
War communists, nationalists and other forces joined together in common  cause 
against Nazi oppression. In Iraq today the only oppressive force is  the US 
military and other so-called coalition forces. Islamic  fundamentalism arose in 
defense against the much more virulent and destructive  Christian variety. 
Right now there is no working class in Iraq, no class of any  kind - how can 
there be when the nation, its economy, is under the control of an  occupying 
power? What there is are those resisting and supporting the resistance  against 
the occupation, and those who are collaborating with the  occupation.
Once the Iraqis succeed in defeating this occupation, then the struggle for  
the makeup of a liberated Iraq can begin. Our role at the present time, if I 
may  be so bold, is not to dissect and criticise a people involved in a 
struggle for  the future of their country against the most savage and destructive 
empire the  world has ever seen. It is instead to work wherever we reside, 
particularly in  the US and the UK, to undermine the occupation and aid the Iraqi 
people in  whichever way we can to win their liberty.

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