[Marxism] May Day in the US

Lance Murdoch lancemurdoch at gmail.com
Thu May 5 13:32:16 MDT 2005

I've collected reports from May Day around the US.  Much of Indymedia
was down for May Day, probably making the number of reports smaller. 
I saw announcements for May Day in Charlotte, North Carolina and
Pensacola, Florida but haven't seen any reports on them.


Some places celebrated "Loyalty Day", and the theme this year, which
is being pushed by the VFW is "Vietnam Veterans finally getting the
homecoming they never got" this year.  This article from a South
Dakota newspaper gives the typical spiel:

Brandon thanks Vietnam veterans

Parade, reception give soldiers warm welcome they missed

BRANDON - On an unusually cold May Day afternoon, as the echoes of
winter swirled in sporadic snowflakes along Main Street, David
Johanson found himself transported Sunday by the echoes of Vietnam.

Johanson and a half-dozen other Vietnam veterans had just finished
leading the 39th annual Loyalty Day parade through Brandon when the
moment caught up with him.
For this year's edition of the annual Loyalty Day parade - sponsored
by VFW Post 4726 and its auxiliary - was billed as a welcome home for
Vietnam veterans who never received such an honor when they first
returned from war.Johanson said he was touched by the gesture.

"It was a long time in coming," he said. "I still get a little bit
choked up, thinking about this and the reception we got last night at
the VFW. It was just like coming home for the first time."

And yards were filled with signs, including one white placard colored
in stars that said: "Our Heroes! Vietnam veterans. We love you."In the
moments before the parade began, Scott Schumacher of Brandon sat on a
curb with his 6-year-old son, Peter, and 7-year-old daughter,
Elizabeth, and waited for the festivities to unfold.

"I like what they're doing today," Schumacher, 42, said. "I'm a Gulf
War vet, and these guys never got the thanks that we did. They never
got welcomed home. You keep hoping that it's not too late."

This must be the 1000th first time Vietnam veterans got "the
homecoming they never got" because the hippies (and John Kerry) were
at the airport spitting at them and calling them babykillers.  Reagan
was banging this drum over 20 years ago:


And let me say to the Vietnam veterans gathered here today: When you
returned home, you brought solace to the loved ones of those who fell,
but little solace was given to you. Some of your countrymen were
unable to distinguish between our native distaste for war and the
stainless patriotism of those who suffered its scars. But there's been
a rethinking there, too. And now we can say to you, and say as a
nation: Thank you for your courage. Thank you for being patient with
your countrymen. Thank you. Thank you for continuing to stand with us

The men and women of Vietnam fought for freedom in a place where
liberty was in danger. They put their lives in danger to help a people
in a land far away from their own. Many sacrificed their lives in the
name of duty, honor, and country. All were patriots who lit the world
with their fidelity and courage.
Even old Bernie Sanders seems to have jumped into the act:


So there it is.  It seems this year we had a much bigger May Day, as
well as a larger Loyalty Day as usual.  We also had more liberal May
Day dilution with the UFPJ march and so forth in New York.  Although I

Anyhow, if anyone knows of any reports on May 1st event in the US in a
city not listed on my page, that is somewhat May Day related, I'd be

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