[Marxism] Trotsky on Ethiopia

Mahmood ketabchi mekchi at verizon.net
Thu May 5 21:29:29 MDT 2005

"Far too little attention is paid to the Italo-Ethiopian conflict by our
sections, especially by the French section. This question is highly
important, first for its own sake and second from the standpoint of the turn
by the Comintern. Of course we are for the defeat of Italy and the victory
of Ethiopia, and therefore we must do everything possible to hinder by all
available means support to Italian imperialism by the other imperialist
powers, and at the same time facilitate the delivery of armaments, etc., to
Ethiopia as best we can. However, we want to stress that this fight is
directed not against fascism, but against imperialism. When war is involved,
for us it is not a question of who is 'better', the Negus or Mussolini; but
rather, it is a question of the relationship of classes and the fight of an
underdeveloped nation for independence against imperialism. The Italian
comrades might give us a short historical summary indicating how Crispi's
defeat had a positive effect on the further development of Italy." [The
Italo-Ethiopian Conflict in Writings of Leon Trotsky (1935-36)

I do not know why Johannes is quoting Trotsky.  I am not judging him.  But, that quote reminds me that more than 26 years ago Iranian Maoists and Stalinists used similar type of quotation from Stalin to support criminal and reactionary Khomeini and his hooligan and fascist gangs. At the same time, Iranian Trotskists, probably using Trotsky, agitated that "Iranian Revolutionary Guard" should strengthen itself with heavy military equipments to confront US imperialism.  They meant the same Islamic guard who was busy slaughtering progressives and communists, sometimes 300 to 400 of them a night. What a defeatist position.   


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