Iraq vs. Iran (was: Re: [Marxism] Trotsky on Ethiopia)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Fri May 6 01:56:04 MDT 2005


> I do not know why Johannes is quoting Trotsky.

I was replying to Carlos post to be found at:
to make clear what Trostsky actually wrote about Ethiopia.

Additionally I think the Trotsky quote is still valid today when dependant
countries having reactionary governments are attacked by imperialist powers.
E.g. Iraq today, Argentian during the Malvinas war.

> But, that quote reminds me that more than 26 years ago Iranian Maoists and
> Stalinists used similar type of quotation from Stalin to support criminal
> reactionary Khomeini and his hooligan and fascist gangs. 

Mahmood, you are leaving the context out here. Actually Iran was attacked by
Iraq. In this case Iraq acted as a mere proxy for the US and other
imperialist powers. So it was in fact an imperialist attack on Iran.

As in the cases of Iraq today or the Malvinas war military support against
imperialist invasion was justified.


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