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Fri May 6 04:42:12 MDT 2005


> Einde O'Callaghan wrote:
> > I suggest you try Radeberger or Wernesgrüner, two of the finest beers 
> > from the former GDR. I believe both are exported to the US. Or you 
> > could try the excellent Czech beers; Pilsener Urquell or the real 
> > Budweiser Budvar from Ceske Budovice, but I believe the latter is 
> > unavailable in the US due to the objections of Anheuser-Busch, 
> > producers of the piss-water that goes under the name Budweiser
> Stateside. 
> have had the Urquell, its ok, but not as good as the more bourgeoise 
> Fischer Amber. will look for the GDR beers at local store. thanks ...

Sorry to disappoint you, but Radeberger is no longer a "GDR beer" but
Wessi-imperialists have stolen the brand name and renamed the whole
Binding-group into Radeberger-Gruppe. It is owned by food multi Dr. August
Oetker KG. see:

Likeweise Wernesgrüner, which is owned by Wessi Bitburger
Seems Wernesgrüner is not marketed outside Germany.


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