[Marxism] Re: GDR beer

Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Fri May 6 05:46:29 MDT 2005

Johannes Schneider wrote:

> Les:
>>Einde O'Callaghan wrote:
>>>I suggest you try Radeberger or Wernesgrüner, two of the finest beers 
>>>from the former GDR. I believe both are exported to the US. Or you 
>>>could try the excellent Czech beers; Pilsener Urquell or the real 
>>>Budweiser Budvar from Ceske Budovice, but I believe the latter is 
>>>unavailable in the US due to the objections of Anheuser-Busch, 
>>>producers of the piss-water that goes under the name Budweiser
>>have had the Urquell, its ok, but not as good as the more bourgeoise 
>>Fischer Amber. will look for the GDR beers at local store. thanks ...
> Sorry to disappoint you, but Radeberger is no longer a "GDR beer" but
> Wessi-imperialists have stolen the brand name and renamed the whole
> Binding-group into Radeberger-Gruppe. It is owned by food multi Dr. August
> Oetker KG. see:
> German
> http://www.radeberger-gruppe.de/cms/startordner/unternehmen/80.html
> English
> http://www.radeberger-gruppe.de/cms/startordner/company/213.html
> Likeweise Wernesgrüner, which is owned by Wessi Bitburger
> http://www.bitburger.de/index.php?id=71
> Seems Wernesgrüner is not marketed outside Germany.
I was talking about the beer, not the ownership. These were premium 
beers and like all the prize pickings of the GDR economy were picked up 
by the West German competitors for next to nothing ("for an apple and an 
egg" as they say in German). I was recommending them on the basis of 
their taste, not their GDRness.

Einde O'Callaghan

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