[Marxism] Re: British General Election Results ... and Proportional Voting

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Fri May 6 09:33:58 MDT 2005

The distortions in the British election results are similar to the 
results in the American elections. There is no Proportional Voting, 
which means that  every voter is faced with the argument that one's 
vote is wasted if you vote for someone who "doesn't have a chance." 
This argument was pushed by Labour.

Nor is there Instant Runoff Voting or second-round voting, which would 
probably not change the final result regarding parliamentary 
representation, but would allow first votes for your preferred 
candidate. Labor would probably have been strengthened, because some of 
those who voted for the Liberal Democrats might have voted first for a 
Green or a Socialist and made Labor their second choice. That would be 
a good thing in general; however, it would still disguise who was 
voting because of their opposition to the Iraq War.

With Proportional Voting, the list is enlarged. Those who voted Green 
or Socialists (or Conservative, etc., for that matter) could actually 
elect a parliamentary person who could represent their views. Thus, if 
there were 20 candidates grouped together and 5% voted for a Green or 
Socialist, the voters for that person would actually have a voice in 

from Brian Shannon

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