[Marxism] Anti-imperialism?

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Fri May 6 10:02:38 MDT 2005

Ron Jacobs asked me to forward this reply to something Louis said.


With all due respect, Louis, I think you miss my point.  I state quite
clearly that I believe UFPJ and ANSWER have roles to play in the antiwar
movement.  However, (and one would have to be completely out of the loop to
not see this) there are many many people who oppose the war because it is
an imperial war.  Furthermore, these people are frustrated with UFPJ's
rightward drift and fascination with the democrats just as they feel
frustrated with what they perceive to be ANSWER's dogmatism.  I believe
that the best thing we can do as activists is expand the movement and do
what it takes to end the war.  UFPJ and ANSWER rallies (and UFPJ lobbying
and electoral campaigns) are not working.  This does not mean that they
shouldn't do this work--it only means that something more needs to be
done.  Furthermore, I agree that US OUT NOW is the best organizing
slogan.  However, it is important that the activists use anti-imperialist
analysis to inform their actions.  I don't see this anti-imperialist
grouping as a competing organization (to use your term) because UFPJ is not
anti-imperialist and ANSWER is organizing amongst a different
constituency.  I do think the idea of trying to convince the current
organizations to change their strategies is a diversion from the task
ahead--ending the war.  What I foresee instead of just a mass rally every
few months followed by another one  is a situation similar to that which I
describe--constant actions large and small with occasional massive rallies,
direct action, CD and lobbying--a la Mayday 1971.  If anti-imperialism
informs a decent-sized part of the movement, than that understanding will
make the stakes clear and consequently keep the pressure on.  The time for
being polite is way past.  This isn't ultra-left, it's proactive.

ron jacobs

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