[Marxism] How the mighty have fallen

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But here's the terrible secret about being a Yankee fan.  There's a
little George Steinbrenner inside each of us:  every Yankee pitcher has
to win every game, preferably by a shut out; every Yankee hitter has to
hit every time up; no Yankee player can make an error.

"We" are our own curse; the victories of the past weigh like a nightmare
upon baseball brains of the living.

What movie was it?  Forbidden Planet.  Dr. Whatshisname-- Morbius,
harnessing the technological power of the Krell (read money) only to
create the blood-thirsty, never satisfied, destructive monster of his
own desires, his own needs.

That's it.... Steinbrenner is our Krell, our monster ids.

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> > Dear rr,
> >    Try being a Phillies fan for five min(s). now that's depressing!
> At least they are not the Cubs... man, even the Red Sox got out of the
> curse...
> sks
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