[Marxism] Blair's Re-election

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Sat May 7 03:35:11 MDT 2005

Tony Blair has unfortunately just been re-elected to a third term  as 
Britain's Prime Minister. The only thing that changed was the size of his  majority, 
which has been significantly reduced from what it was  prior.
   As soon as it became clear that victory was his, staged  scenes of 
celebration among hand-picked New Labour supporters, along  with images of Blair 
himself beaming that contrived smile of his while  spouting platitudes of thanks 
and hope for the future, began to hog both  the UK print and broadcast news.
   Lost in all this furore, indeed what has been lost throughout  this entire 
election campaign, has been the enormity of the damage, cruelty  and violence 
unleashed by this man on the long-suffering people of Iraq;  savagery for 
which one day he will, if there is any justice in this world, be  held properly 
to account. 
   For in his zeal to help in an American project to assert  control over 
Iraqi oil deposits with the aim of smashing OPEC and ensuring  the hegemony of 
the US dollar, Tony Blair has committed one of the most  heinous, despicable 
international crimes in recent history. This imperialist  adventure was never 
about spreading democracy and freedom to the Middle  East, rather it was all 
about implementing the free market, a free market  responsible for the misery 
which countless millions are  suffering throughout the developing world.
   A decade of sanctions, implemented through the UN at  the behest of the 
United States, had already accounted for the premature deaths  of two million 
men, women and children in Iraq. Married to a war unleashed  upon a foundation 
of lies, distortions and  deception, it becomes hard to find, searching back 
through  history, a people who've suffered such a sustained and brutal attack at 
the  hands of a dominant world power.
   Sadly, amid all the analysis and countless commentaries  that have sprung 
from Blair's victory, the countless victims of this  disgraceful military 
adventure have been almost forgotten. 
   Rather than a reason to celebrate, the re-election of the man  largely 
responsible covers the British people in shame.
Long live the Iraqi resistance.

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