[Marxism] Re: Anti-imperialism?

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Sat May 7 09:20:46 MDT 2005

Macdonald Stainsby gives us as good an example of completely mindless,
ultraleft, anarchist spontaneism as one could wish for: "Trying to tell the
movement what their politics ought to be, what the should be composed of, is
like telling the weather when it should rain. You deal with what comes
because you have no choice."

Al this says is one simply should not discuss what course of action to take;
nor criticize ultraleft elitists "who are willing to do something to risk
arrest and all that comes with."

But "risking arrest" isn't the same for everyone. 

In the case of good white boys and girls with degrees from top-ranked
universities and a position as a non-profiteer or union "organizer," the
consequences are perhaps an uncomfortable overnight stay in jail until you
get bailed out in the morning, with great legal representation and
eventually charges dropped or reduced to the moral equivalent of a traffic
ticket with the arrest record wiped out.

The risks for a young Black or Latino are much greater. They're not nearly
as likely to have the family/friends social network nor contacts to get them
out of jail quickly. They're not likely to have a "movement" job, and if
they have a real job, they're likely to lose it. The cops and courts will
treat them much more severely than the white kids. And if they're from
another country, they're likely to lose their status as legal residents or
be directly deported as "illegals" and be ineligible to come back.

So that's the reality about getting arrested and "all that comes with it."

This super r-r-r-evolutionary PLAYING is based on middle-class privilege,
white privilege and legal citizen privilege. The *message* it sends to the
Black and especially Latino community, where so many are vulnerable due to
immigration issues, is that this is not for them. After all, if you're a
young Black or Latino, you really don't need to dress in Black and join a
bloc to get yourself put in an American gulag.

"To deny this will split the movement negatively," Macdonald Stainsby
argues. I say bullshit. The ones who would be splitting the movement are the
tiny handful of ultralefts who would substitute venting their own moralistic
indignation for the power that can only come from the masses of working
people organized and mobilized around their own interests.


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