[Marxism] Re: Anti-imperialism?

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Sat May 7 10:32:00 MDT 2005

It's just a short, and always taken, step from describing analyses,
proposals, you disagree with as first "ultra-left" to then playing that
joker in  the pseudo-Marxist deck, "the race card."

So in place of real considerations, the social impact,  the results and
prospects of confrontations with the institutions of war and capitalism,
we get the tired, old, stale, "good little privileged white boy vs.
struggling people of color" finger wagging.

Enough to make me more sympathetic to Macdonald's position than I ever
would be on my own.

Lest we forget, the great demonstration of the power of confrontation
was provided by people of color in the United States, who risked all.
And lest we forget again there were considerable debates about making
those confrontations exactly that, and that bold.

Lest we forget, every step forward gets denounced as ultra-left, prior
to its adoption and adaptation by more than a few.

On college campuses, where presumably everybody was privileged, sit-ins
and take-overs of administration buildings, ROTC buildings, corporate
and military recruiter spaces were opposed then as "ultra-left"
throughout the anti-Vietnam War struggle, although they grew and grew
and brought more and more into the struggle against the war.

Lest we forget, getting arrested, confronting police is not the choice,
not usually the initiative, of demonstrators.  It is usually the
initiative of the police.

Lest we forget, those arrested in NYC during the Republican Convention
were not acting in an "ultra-left" fashion, as official and unofficial
videotapes showed.

Macdonald, to my reading, was not advocating actions, a la a "black
flag" contingent, placing everyone at one time and one place at risk of
police attack.

Two years ago, Out Now, was an ultra-left slogan.


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