[Marxism] Re: Anti-imperialism

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at resist.ca
Sat May 7 14:10:20 MDT 2005

Louis writes about me:

> What 
> Macdonald is talking about is something different. He is for what he calls 
> "provocative" actions, such as fighting with the cops. This would be a very 
> bad idea.

Lou, enough with the lies, alright? I didn't say anything about *endorsing* 
a fight with cops. I don't think simply fighting with cops is ever 
productive, because cops are not the point; there are anarchists who like to 
do this, and many marxists as well, and I find them boring. Kind of like 
repeating myself because people seem like they can't read.

Sometimes, and you would disagree with me here, I believe that the 
objectives of a demonstration or an action that will inevitably face a 
confrontation with police is a good thing. These days? I seriously doubt it, 
the movement is weak and it wouldn't have a positive effect.

Whatever, apparently others, with hyperbole matching flying brick tossed by 
their enemies, know what I'm secretly trying to pull off.

Macdonald Stainsby
In the contradiction lies the hope
	--Bertholt Brecht.

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