[Marxism] respecting different forms of struggle (wasanti-imperialism?)

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat May 7 15:49:43 MDT 2005

"michael a. lebowitz" wrote:
> ---The point is realistic because there will always be people who engage in
> activities which we (in our infinite wisdom) think inappropriate, and it is
> simple because it (unlike some) remembers who the enemy is and who is not
> to be trashed.

Something like this came up on lbo-talk when one or two people argued
that leftists shouldn't support Churchill because it would "embarass" us
and lose us support. I quote from one of my posts in response to that

***There will ALWAYS be a DWORKIN. There will ALWAYS be Weatherman
groups. There will ALWAYS be Ward Churchills. There will ALWAYS be
Michael Puglieses. There will ALWAYS be Sparacist factions. There will
ALWAYS be Nathan Newmans. There will ALWAYS be SLAs. There will ALWAYS
be provocateurs. There will ALWAYS be Bob Avakians. There will ALWAYS be
Michael Dawsons. There will ALWAYS be worse things than any of these.
Get used to it or get out of the kitchen. It's simply the terrain that
leftists or left organizations have to operate on, and it is silly to
caterwaul about it. If a left can't operate on that kind of terrain (or
worse), then a left or even an imitation left can't operate, period.****

This doesn't determine the debate -- but whatever kind of movement one
favors, one has to recognize the kind of terrain which we will be
operating on.


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